Tsatsa the best hostel

Tsatsa hostel is one of the best hostel that i’ve ever been before it’s a really peaceful place where i could relax
Tsatsa hostel has a lot of benefits like :
It’s always clean (your room, your bed , bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, salon, … ) which makes the life in it so comfortable, besides the workers at the reception are very kind and friendly and they were at the right time when i needed them
While i was in tsatsa i felt safe and protected
Tsatsa hostel has a really good location , wich is located in the historical center of the city and that’s helped me to discover odessa much more easier and see the beauty of this city
The prices in TsaTsa hostel are acceptable and reasonable
Finally when i was in TsaTsa i met a lot of people frome many diffrent places (America, Germany, france, United Kingdom, Africa, China, Japan, ….) and they were all nice to me we became friends and went out together and made souvenires oh my god that was really funny i actually missed them
I wish i can come back again with all of them to TsaTsa